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Expert Medical Second Opinions from Leading Specialist Doctors Available Online Today.

FairMedOnline provides medical second opinions from leading and independent medical specialists.

We offer online access to more than 100 doctors who are renowned experts and together cover all fields of specialisation – access them from the comfort of your own home!

Get a truly independent, transparent and easy-to-access expert second opinion without having to spend more time in waiting rooms or travelling to see the next closest specialist.

What Is a Second Opinion?

Have you ever received a recommendation from your doctor for treatment that you just weren’t sure about?

Maybe it was for a risky surgery, perhaps your family was recommending a different course of action, or you wanted to know whether there are alternative forms of treatment available.

That’s where second opinions come in. A second opinion is a consultation with a secondary doctor in order to get an additional diagnosis and their view on different treatment options.

When you’re not sure whether your original diagnosis is correct, or when you’re uncertain if a recommended treatment is the best option, a second opinion will help you make an informed decision about how to best treat your medical condition.

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