Medical Second Opinion Benefits

FairMedOnline is the best way to get a fast expert medical second opinion and make an informed decision about your health.

Avoid Costs from Avoidable Treatments and Surgery

Unfortunately, medical misdiagnoses happen very often. Every year, at least one in 20 adults in the USA is misdiagnosed by their doctors, according to a 2014 study. These mistakes not only cost patients time and money, but around 6 million of these misdiagnoses could also cause serious harm

Many medical studies show that second medical opinions can be extremely valuable for patients. Second opinions can result in a more accurate diagnosis of medical conditions and prevent invasive, potentially dangerous surgery. Top quality medical treatment costs a lot, even for patients with insurance, so a good second opinion can save a considerable amount of money and avoid unnecessary treatments.

However, getting a reliable expert second opinion isn’t always straightforward. Finding an independent expert specialist who will be able to see you isn’t easy, and spending time in waiting rooms or travelling to see the next closest specialist is unpleasant and impractical, especially when you have a medical condition.

Quick Results Without Having to Leave Home

FairMedOnline allows you to get an expert second opinion from a leading specialist doctor in just a few days, all from the comfort of your home. Our network of German doctors have impeccable academic credentials from the best medical schools in Europe and are renowned specialists in a wide variety of different areas of medicine. Now you can have access to second opinions you can trust from some of the world’s best medical experts online.

Truly Independent and Objective Expert Advice

The doctors we work with aren’t allowed to provide any further treatment to our clients apart from a remote second opinion, unless you specifically request otherwise. Without ulterior motives or additional financial incentive, our doctors will give you genuinely objective advice and only recommend the most effective treatments. You can rest assured that your second opinion won’t be affected by any external factors such as links with pharmaceutical companies or limited to treatment options only available in certain hospitals.

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