Dr. med. Matthias Essing

Otorhinolaryngology: Ear, Nose and Throat
Dr. med. Matthias Essing

Dr. med. Matthias Essing is a renowned expert in Voice and Speech Disorders and Allergology. He has been a Theater practitioner for 23 years and has in depth understanding of the needs of his patients.
Since 1976 he has been using his expertise as an ENT consultant for German courts, insurance companies, professional associations and other organisations.


  • Member and Board of Otolaryngology Section of the Academy of Medical Education of the Chamber of Physicians and physicians’ association Westfalen-Lippe
  • Board member of the private medical clearing house Northern Westphalia
  • Deputy Member and full member of the Board of Representatives of KVWL
  • German Society of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery
  • German Professional Association of Ear, Nose and Throat
  • Westphalian Sport Medical Association
  • German Society for Allergology and Clinical Immunology

Sonography of the paranasal sinuses and head and neck soft tissues.


Dr. med. Essing has published many well-received scientific articles in multiple peer-reviewed journals.


Since 2012 Specialist for ear, nose and throat medicine in the ENT practice at Bielefeld Theater
Since 2011 Advisory ENT specialist for various professional associations
1998 Recognition “Sonography of the paranasal sinuses and head and neck soft tissues”
1976 Additional certificate “Voice and Speech Disorders”, “Allergology” and “Sports Medicine”
1976 Recognition as ear, nose and throat specialist in Bielefeld
Since 1976 ENT consultant for German courts, social agencies, professional associations, insurance companies, etc.
1975 Recognition as a specialist for ear, nose and throat medicine
1971-1976 Training as ENTspecialist at University of Münster
1969 MD PhD Doctor of Medicine (University of Münster)