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Get Your Second Opinion Now

Consult with World-Class Medical Doctors – All Leading Experts in Their Field of Specialization.

What Is a Second Opinion?

A second opinion is a consultation with a secondary doctor in order to get an additional diagnosis and their view on different treatment options.

Get your 2nd opinion now
When Does It Make Sense to Get a Second Opinion?

If you’re not sure that your primary doctor’s original diagnosis is correct.

If you’re uncertain whether the surgery, therapy or medication being recommended by your primary doctor is necessary or the best option.

If you´d like another doctor to confirm the medical opinion of your primary doctor.

Invasive surgery can be costly and subject your body to potential complications and further medical issues. In over 50% of cases, our doctors offer alternatives to surgeries recommended by the primary doctor.

Get your 2nd opinion now
Second Opinions From FairMed Online

Our second opinions can be requested anytime online from our network of independent doctors or partner organisations and hospitals. Our doctors are renowned and recognised experts with many years of experience within their field of specialisation.

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Better Health, Fewer Costs

Most people will be misdiagnosed at least once in their life according to research by the Institute of Medicine.

Get the Right Treatment and Reduce Your Risk

Ensure you have the correct diagnosis of your condition.

Understand the different options and avoid potentially dangerous treatments.

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Fast Results Without Having to Leave Home

Get a reliable second opinion within days.

No need to travel or spend more time in waiting rooms.

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Save Costs from Avoidable Treatments and Surgery

Don’t waste time and money on unnecessary treatment.

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Truly Independent and Objective Expert Advice

Our doctors are free of all other financial incentives.

All our doctors are leading specialists in their field with many years of experience.

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How it Works

Get an Expert Second Opinion in 4 Easy Steps:

  1. Sign up by creating a simple user account.
  2. Fill out a short questionnaire about your medical condition to pin-point the nature and location of any pain you have and describe your health in general.
  3. Securely upload, or send, any relevant documents you have, such as X-rays, scans or your primary doctor’s recommendation for treatment.
  4. Make payment via PayPal or any other major credit card.

* Our dedicated service staff are available to help you throughout the process or answer any questions at any time.

Within days you will receive your second medical opinion by email, clearly written in easy-to-understand language to ensure no misunderstandings.

Our Doctors

Consult with World-Class Medical Doctors – All Leading Experts in Their Field of Specialisation.
Prof. Dr. med. Hans Pässler
Prof. Dr. med. Eberhard von Hodenberg
Dr. med. W. Alexander Mann
Prof. Dr. Jens Waldmann
General and Visceral Surgery